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Why Support Us?

Undoubtedly, some needs are more urgent than providing talented and passionate students with excellent educational opportunities. We know that the activities of the Polish Children’s Fund do not save any lives but “only” change those of our beneficiaries. Moreover, we support fortunate individuals who are naturally gifted. One might therefore ask why it is worthwhile to help such people. The answer is simple: the future of society as a whole is ultimately determined by their achievements. Those who know and understand more can think more boldly. They write better texts, paint works of superior quality, and perform the very same pieces of music with unrivalled virtuosity. They ameliorate our lives and make them more beautiful. But such talents need to be fostered. To be able to spread their wings, gifted students need the appropriate conditions for development – the opportunity to meet with experts in their fields as well as have access to laboratories, libraries, and concert halls. Yet, a supportive environment may be even more crucial. Bright young people also need to develop the awareness that their skills and talents can and should be employed for the common good. We provide our scholarship holders with all of the above.

All Polish Children’s Fund collaborators, who share their knowledge, time, and experience with young people, are volunteers. From the very beginning, participants in the GIFTED Programme know that they are experiencing a precious and unique opportunity – and that their talents are then to be used for the benefit of others.

How Do We Operate?

Our various actions are mainly funded from grants (both public and corporate) as well as from donations made by companies and individuals. People are our greatest asset – their knowledge, experience, time, and commitment have proven truly invaluable. Our community is unique in that we cooperate with more than 300 volunteers annually. Their work is unpaid and priceless. We are entirely reliant on their eagerness and goodwill as without them the GIFTED Programme would be much more expensive, and the scope of our actions would be severely limited.

Each year, the Polish Children’s Fund organises more than 50 different events and activities for participants in the GIFTED Programme. Since we started 40 years ago, we have helped more than 10,000 young people in total. Our actions are coordinated by 9 permanent employees of the Polish Children’s Fund Office, who facilitate the work of more than 300 volunteers and make it possible for more than 500 young people to fully benefit from our programme annually.

What Do We Need?

Financial resources are crucial if young people from all over Poland are to make the most of what we can offer. Annually, the cost of running all our activities is more than 2 million PLN.
We use this money to provide our scholars and educators with accommodation and meals, as well as to cover their travel expenses. Apart from purchasing course materials, we also organise a lot of concerts and art exhibitions. Finally, some individual needs of gifted students can also be met: for instance, we may subsidise the purchase of a musical instrument or help cover the costs entailed by participation in various courses, competitions, and conferences. Every penny is invested wisely so as to maximise the benefits for the young people under our care.

We need your support to carry on our mission and successfully transform this world for the better because changing the life of one person can ultimately change the future of mankind.

We welcome you to join our efforts!