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Office Programme
Maria Mach

General Director

797 412 314

Marzena Kołodziejska

Office Manager

Responsible for both electronic and traditional mail. She also deals with procuring office supplies as well as communicating with Polish Children’s Fund scholarship holders and applicants.

She is the one who answers calls to the Fund’s landline number: +48 22 848 24 68.


Ewa Chałupka

Project Manager (Science)

Responsible for organising scientific workshops and research internships. She also acts as a point of contact for our educators and is (almost) always available for a cup of coffee with visitors to our office.


Paulina Książek

Project Manager (Science)

In charge of the camps organised by the Polish Children’s Fund and workshops in the field of humanities. Responsible also for our programme of targeted scholarships.

506 765 557

Karolina Suchan-Okulska

Project Manager (Fine Arts) and Graphic Designer

Responsible for most of our visual communications, she also takes care of our fine arts scholarship holders. All the workshops, tutorials, painting trips, and art exhibitions fall under her command.


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Hanna Borguńska

Project Manager (Music)

In charge of the Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of the Polish Children’s Fund as well as the organisation of all concerts. She is also responsible for the music curriculum during the annual workshops in Lusławice and for communicating with our music scholarship holders.

793 430 832

Magdalena Jezierska

Program Manager (EUCYS) | Communications Specialist

Her tasks include organising EUCYS Poland – the Discoveries Competition and preparing the Polish team for the European Contest for Young Scientists’ European finals. She is also responsible for media coverage of the Polish Children’s Fund: Facebook, website, contact with journalists.

506 765 578

Agnieszka Imbierowicz-Grabowska

Finance Director

Her tasks include communicating with our patrons and donors, taking care of our revenues, and keeping track of our expenses.

691 386 651

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Wanda Kołodyńska