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Our Goals

About the Programme

Inspiratorium is a programme aimed at teachers. It was launched by the Polish Children’s Fund in collaboration with the Young Explorers’ Clubs network and with the support of the Credit Suisse Foundation.

Inspiratorium was brought into being because we believe that the Fund’s tried and tested approach to educating gifted young people should be propagated. Our extensive experience demonstrates that the activities offered to our scholarship holders within the framework of the GIFTED Programme perfectly complement the school curriculum. Our long-term goal is exposing a growing number of young people to a model of education that emphasises practical skills as well as independence and critical thinking. That is why we want all the know-how we have amassed over the years to be available to teachers, so that they can inspire their pupils as well as instil in them empathy, curiosity, and self-confidence.

Thus, every year we invite 15 teachers from small towns and villages to embark on a journey of mutual inspiration in which they can learn and discuss strategies for working with gifted, enthusiastic, inquisitive, and passionate students. Participants in the Inspiratorium programme are given a unique chance to develop their passions and hone their skills so that they are well-equipped to discover and foster the talents of their pupils.

Our Goals

In our unique programme, which was created specifically for exceptionally committed teachers, emphasis is put on:

  • collaborative work in small but diverse teams
  • exchanging experiences
  • building relationships between participants so that they can support one another both in everyday work and in the implementation of innovative projects
  • creating a space for discussion and reflection during classes given to the Fund’s scholarship holders as well as in meetings with artists and scientists

The main goal of Inspiratorium is to introduce teachers to novel ways of working with students. Such knowledge is gained through watching the behaviour of talented young people during dedicated classes organised by the Fund, in conversations with researchers and science communicators, as well as in fruitful exchange with other passion-driven teachers from all over Poland.

What Participants Say