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Why Do We Need Donations? Back
„For a long time, I have been dreaming of solving the issue of human helplessness. Thanks to the Fund, I was strengthened in my belief that this is a goal worth pursuing.”

Joanna, a Polish Children’s Fund scholarship holder from Radom

Why Do We Need Donations?

The Polish Children’s Fund has been operating under financial pressure for many years. We cannot rely solely on grant competitions as they provide only one-year funding and may not be announced annually. Furthermore, the amounts that can be applied for tend to vary.

We have overcome many financial crises – largely thanks to the dedication and commitment of those who believe in our mission. Donations, especially regular ones – no matter how big or small – give us a sense of security as well as a chance to spend the money more flexibly and effectively than would be the case with grants.

We believe that it is worthwhile to support scientific and cultural development, promote educational efforts, and build a society of generous and open-minded people. If you share this conviction, contribute to our mission: make an individual donation or start a fundraiser.

Become our benefactor!

How Will Your Money Be Spent?

By making a donation, you provide talented young people with:

    • accommodation and meals during workshops in the most renowned Polish scientific institutes, interdisciplinary camps, and research internships – as well as transport to and from such events
    • a chance to take part in painting trips and art tutorials
    • an opportunity to perform concerts, sign up for specialised courses, and participate in music competitions
    • funds for the purchase of musical instruments and study aids
    • access to relevant books and journals

Each year, your donations allow us to organise for our beneficiaries:

    • more than 20 scientific workshops
    • 3 interdisciplinary camps – combining arts, humanities, and STEM subjects
      approx. 70 individual internships in Poland’s best research institutions
    • 24 concerts in the Royal Castle and the Palace on the Isle in Warsaw
    • 2 art exhibitions and numerous tutorials
    • individual supervision and consultations with renowned experts

Thank you for your support!

How to Make a Donation?

There are several ways you can donate:

  1. Make a one-time or recurring bank transfer using the following account details:
    PKO BP SA XV o/Centrum
    PL 69 1020 1156 0000 7502 0049 9731
    Reference: Darowizna na cele statutowe (Donation towards statutory purposes)
  2. Donate via our website
  3. Donate via Facebook: @zdolni

The Polish Children’s Fund is a registered charity. Thus, you may be entitled to tax relief on your donation(s). Use a bank transfer confirmation to prove your entitlement.


Other Ways to Support the Polish Children’s Fund: